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DeepSkill Receives Financial Grant for AI Innovations from Kölner Rahmen [ ] by KölnBusiness

We at DeepSkill are taking EdTech to the next level. And for that, we were acknowledged. With a strong backing from KölnBusiness and its funding program, we are driving HR development further: even more and with even better AI-based state-of-the-art features.

The Kölner Rahmen [ ] is a funding program of KölnBusiness. The aim is to create a growth-friendly innovation climate and to promote new business models and promising ideas. And DeepSkill is one of the funded projects!

„With [AI Innovations] KölnBusiness supports companies in the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence. In Cologne, more than 80 AI companies offer digital solutions in the areas of data analysis, process automation, customer service, marketing and product development. From optimizing internal processes to opening up new business areas to creating sustainable and efficient solutions, [AI Innovations] covers a wide range of applications that drive digital transformation in Cologne.“ (

Why AI & EdTech Are Shaping The Future

This support is of great value to us as it enables us to continue to pursue and realize our visions of future-oriented technology in Learning & Development. The funding will enable us to intensify our development in the field of artificial intelligence, further develop innovative training approaches and thus continuously improve the learning experience of our users and the results of our customers.

EdTech is revolutionizing the way knowledge is imparted and acquired and how a culture of lifelong learning can be established. The use of technology enables organisations and learners around the world to access a variety of resources and learning tools that make the (continuing) education process more efficient and effective – with DeepSkill always in the sense of developing emotional intelligence.

EdTech and Artificial Intelligence are the future of education because they enable personalized learning, interactive and adaptive learning platforms, and efficient management systems. Through the use of AI, we can better analyse learning behaviour and offer more individualised learning paths that meet the specific needs and abilities of each individual and each organization. This not only leads to better learning outcomes, but also makes learning more exciting and accessible to a wider audience.

To drive these advances even more, we at DeepSkill are continuously working on the further development of our own platform. With the support we receive from all sides, we are confident to play a significant role in shaping the human resources development, learning and working landscape of the future.

How DeepSkill Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) In EdTech:

This Is Possible In Corporate Learning & Development With Automization and AI 

The integration of AI into EdTech is not only a technological innovation, but a decisive step towards making education and training more accessible, effective and sustainable. For HR developers, this results in numerous benefits that both increase the efficiency of their work and enhance the learning experience of their employees. We at DeepSkill want to further make use of these potentials and play an active role in shaping the EdTech world of tomorrow.

Personalized Training: With the help of AI, the tailoring of learning paths for our learners can be done even more effectively and efficiently in the overall context of their organization, because AI can evaluate and analyze data from contexts in a bundled manner. This takes into account individual backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses and learning preferences and thus enables maximum targeted training.

Real-Time-Analysis and Feedback: Using AI-powered analytics tools, HR developers can monitor employee progress in real time. AI can then identify trends and patterns in learning behavior that help organizations identify potential problems early and take appropriate action.

Improved Decision-Making: Finally, the comprehensive data and analysis provided by us supports HR developers in making decisions and designing long-term strategies based on the real needs and performance of employees.

Automization of Administrative Tasks: AI can take on many administrative tasks, which on the one hand relieves program managers, who can focus more on coach and learner support, and on the other hand relieves personnel developers, who have more time for strategic tasks.

Scalability and Flexibility: With a smart platform like the DeepSkill GrowthHub, training programs can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a growing company. In addition, the flexible design of the program conditions and the learning content allows adaptation to different learning styles and organizational requirements, which may change depending on internal and external conditions.

Special Platform- and Service-Specific Features are of course included, too! Let Laura Kottwitz guide you through our GrowthHub in a free demo:

By using our tech-based and AI-powered learning platform, HR developers can create a modern, efficient and personalized learning environment that meets the demands of today’s working world and promotes the continuous development of employees.

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