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DeepSkill expands Management Team: Thomas Leidinger as new CTO, Co-Founder Peter Goeke in in the Role of Creative Director.

Thomas Leidinger, coming from Statista, supports Miriam Mertens, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepSkill, in the management team. He has been on board as CTO since April 2022. Peter Goeke, who co-founded DeepSkill with Mertens in 2020, initially worked as CMO/CPO and now exercises his expertise and passion as Creative Director.

DeepSkill is the EdTech platform for developing emotional skills which makes companies more successful with personalized learning and coaching programs.

Miriam Mertens and Thomas Leidinger are sure that challenges such as turbo digitization can no longer be mastered with professional skills alone. Mertens adds: “The rise of artificial intelligence will further accelerate growth in the world. Companies need people for leadership, emotional commitment, depth and creative ideas. No human wants to be a worse robot. He doesn’t have to be if he can be a stronger human – by developing his emotional skills.

Thomas Leidinger is convinced that strong emotional skills can be developed with the right data points, and ensures the continuous technological advancement of the start-up. As a qualified computer scientist, he has worked for well-known companies such as Google and Statista, demonstrating not only his technical skills, but also his leadership skills. During his time as CTO at Statista from 2013 to 2021, he scaled the tech department from 5 to 70 employees and helped the company become a leading provider of market and consumer data in the DACH region. He now brings his previous experience to DeepSkill to promote personal growth and the advancement of people in the world of work.

Thomas Leidinger explains: “Hard facts and ‘soft’ skills – aren’t those two a big contrast? No, on the contrary! The interaction of technology and our emotional abilities holds enormous potential. Data can help us train deep skills, make them measurable and thus increase their impact.

Peter Goeke on his change from management: “Founding DeepSkill and seeing how quickly a start-up turns into a company that has a real impact on executives and employees is my most exciting journey so far. Thomas fits us perfectly and with him we are ideally positioned for the future. My strengths are mostly in the creative field, so I look forward to working at DeepSkill with full focus on my job. I am confident that our journey will continue as exciting.”



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