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Create people-centred leadership and an attractive working environment in law firms with DeepSkill.

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About the Industry

Approximately 165,000 lawyers are currently admitted in Germany. Law firms generally enjoy high social standing and operate in a complex and demanding environment with high workload when it comes to providing legal advice and representing their clients.

With DeepSkill, emotional skills receive the necessary attention in addition to high professional expertise. Since good management is also an issue that should not be underestimated in law firms, it is specifically strengthened. Appropriate learning programmes with long-term guidance ensure employee satisfaction and balance in the stressful daily life of the law firm.

The Challenge

Employees in law firms find themselves in a highly demanding working environment. They are often highly motivated trained lawyers who work their way up, but then face the incompatibility of external circumstances at work and family challenges. If these staff fail, the pressure within the firm becomes even greater.


The high pressure of work and performance in law firms is characterized by a large amount of complex tasks and deadlines. Employees must be able to work effectively under this pressure and deliver high-quality results. The stress-related mental as well as physical strain makes this extremely difficult.

No People-Centred Leadership

Trained lawyers lack awareness-raising and training in leadership skills. The constant pressure to perform with a strong focus on clients and results is passed on to the employees of the firm without relieving the team by good leadership. Traditional hierarchies and structures also make it difficult for employees to have a say. The result is dissatisfaction and higher fluctuation.

Incompatibility of
Work & Family

The long working hours and extra overtime in law firms have an enormous impact on the work-life balance of employees. Reconciling work and private life becomes a challenge – with implications for well-being and health. As a result, young parents in particular find it difficult to get back into the daily life of the law firm or even leave it.

The DeepSkill Solution

Through a tailor-made learning program, participants acquire an important emotional skill set. This is determined individually by a precise needs analysis and a lot of industry know-how. Skills such as stress management, effective delegation and clear objectives are trained.


With the help of a tailor-made programme, participants learn important emotional skills that ease the stressful working day. This includes the development of the ability to regulate one’s own emotions, the development of effective stress management and reliable resilience.


Lawyers in management positions are provided with the necessary competencies required for good people-centred leadership. The empathy skills of managers are trained in order to have a strengthened sense for their employees. In addition, participants learn how to convey psychological security and are empowered to delegate effectively.


Employees should be able to know their own point of view in life. They will then learn to formulate their goals and visions for different areas of life with clarity and certainty in order to pursue them in a targeted and motivated manner. Efficient self-management helps them to balance work and private life.

Results of the Program

Through targeted support for emotional resilience, managers are prepared for their extensive tasks and responsibilities. The law firms manage to retain their employees and meet their performance standards.

High Quality
of Work

Programme participants are able to cope with both external and internal work pressures. Emotional strength makes it easier for them to maintain a high level of performance and to cope with their tasks in a result-oriented manner. Successful experiences lead to perseverance and motivation, to put in the necessary energy for the job and to use existing skills.

Employee Retention

With people-centred leadership, managers create an environment in which employees can develop their full potential. They feel heard, respected and valued. Trust and good cooperation foster a positive working environment that binds employees, counteracts turnover and strengthens the reputation of the firm.


Employees and especially young parents pursue their goals and visions at work and in the family with renewed self-confidence. Women in particular find new strength and the support they need to combine a fulfilling private life with ambitious career goals. The law firms benefit from greater diversity – through broader perspectives and experience, new team dynamics and strong professional competence.

DeepSkill supports these Clients in the Segment

„Managementberatung auf unserem Niveau ist eine sehr herausfordernde Aufgabe: Unsere Berater:innen müssen inhaltlich und prozessual anspruchsvolle und immer wieder neue Aufgaben unter Zeitdruck lösen, Interessen unterschiedlichster Stakeholder empathisch berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig sich selbst und ihr Team effektiv und effizient führen. DeepSkill hat uns mit ihrem Leadership Programm dabei unterstützt, Führungsfähigkeiten, Stressresistenz und Selbstreflektion unseres Führungsteams gezielt zu stärken und besser und zufriedener mit der Komplexität unserer Aufgaben umgehen.“

– Dr. Markus Anding, Gründer & Managing Director Excubate

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