Mechanical Engineering

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About the Industry

Mechanical engineering is one of Germany’s leading industries and is primarily designed for export. Industrial companies are usually strongly embedded in international structures and supply chains, dependent on external resources and concerned about cost efficiency due to strong competitive pressure.

DeepSkill gives companies access to tailored learning programs for emotional skills. The diverse workforce, characterized by a mixture of so-called White and Blue Collar professions, can be united by improved communication and mutual understanding and sophisticated change processes can be mastered.

The Challenge

Established companies in mechanical engineering often face major challenges in the face of high development pressure, integration into external structures, inconsistent management concepts and great diversity among employees.

Seizing Development

In a volatile work environment, employees need courage
and openness to change. In order to recognize the greater benefits behind transformations such as digitization and automation and
to promote active participation in shaping, the ability to rethink
and continue thinking is required.
How can it be established and used?

Fixed Leadership

The management levels of companies are often subject to traditional and outdated management patterns. The needs of employees are often not properly recognized and expectations are often not met. Especially with new junior managers who are accustomed to modern management techniques, there can be increasing differences. Overall, this results in dissatisfaction and increased fluctuation.

Heterogenous Working Environment

Companies in industry employ a wide variety of employees.
To do justice to this is a big task. To promote the cohesion of the diverse workforce, a unified leadership and common understanding of values is needed so that employees
can move in the same direction and pool their skills and potentials.

The DeepSkill Solution

A broad-based upskilling of employees through targeted coaching measures in areas such as flexible thinking, empathy and communication skills promises lasting learning success.

Acquiring a
Flexible Mindset

Accompanying selected coaches makes it easier for participants to uncover their own mistakes in thinking. A tailor-made program offers the opportunity to deal skilfully with constantly changing conditions and even use them to your own advantage. The learning objective is also a flexible mindset that opens up new perspectives and facilitates adaptability.

Learning Unlearning

Managers learn how to let go of old patterns of thinking and replace them with new ones. One of the most important emotional qualities is the ability to empathize with colleagues and employees. Through new knowledge and mutual understanding, participants in the programme can develop and communicate common visions that enable decisive action.

Developing a
Strong Team

Employees are given the necessary skills to effectively manage potential conflicts in the team. By passing on application-related techniques, they strengthen their communication with each other. In addition, decisive competences are needed to bundle the different strengths and develop a strong team that trusts each other.

Results of the Program

Thanks to the interplay of important emotional skills that promote new motivation and productivity, the company is able to excel in a highly promising industry despite volatile environmental conditions. As an attractive workplace and a strong competitor.


The company’s employees are ready to keep up with the changing times. They are open to new ideas, topics such as digital transformation and automation and look forward to further changes in the external economic environment with confidence. As a result, the company is positioned for the future and is able to withstand tough competition.

Corporate Culture

Driven by unified, modern and people-centred management with a common aspiration, employees feel valued and motivated to commit themselves and remain committed to the company in the long term. A shared vision of leadership promotes internal cohesion and ensures an attractive, strong corporate culture that has an impact on the outside world.


The conflicts and obstacles of heterogeneity in the team can be overcome. Instead, a unified working environment is established, characterized by lived diversity. Everyone feels empowered in their strengths and able to develop their full potential and contribute their talents. This is directly reflected in a sustained improvement in corporate productivity.

DeepSkill supports these Clients in the Segment

„Managementberatung auf unserem Niveau ist eine sehr herausfordernde Aufgabe: Unsere Berater:innen müssen inhaltlich und prozessual anspruchsvolle und immer wieder neue Aufgaben unter Zeitdruck lösen, Interessen unterschiedlichster Stakeholder empathisch berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig sich selbst und ihr Team effektiv und effizient führen. DeepSkill hat uns mit ihrem Leadership Programm dabei unterstützt, Führungsfähigkeiten, Stressresistenz und Selbstreflektion unseres Führungsteams gezielt zu stärken und besser und zufriedener mit der Komplexität unserer Aufgaben umgehen.“

– Dr. Markus Anding, Gründer & Managing Director Excubate

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