Well connected? – Megatrend Connectivity

The Zukunftsinstitut has defined 12 megatrends that serve as a model for the transformation of our world. Megatrends influence our society, institutions, companies and individuals and therefore serve as the basis for important decisions in business, politics and on a personal level.

In this blog post, we talk about the megatrend Connectivity. This megatrend is created by the constant networking of devices, data and people. The advancing digitalization allows us to connect almost everything with each other and thus create new solutions for complex problems.

The following 4 future theses are part of the megatrend Connectivity:

Companies as Nodes in the Network

Companies no longer act autonomously, but as part of different ecosystems, for example as a merger with other companies or even external experts. A great focus is therefore on nurturing relationships.

Digital Transformation as a Culture 

A corporate culture that is open to change must be convincingly exemplified. It is therefore also about an open-minded digital leadership culture that rewards curiosity and allows for change.

Man and Machine as an Alliance 

The relationship between man and machine is already there. Now it is important to shape and strengthen them to our advantage. Companies must actively deal with this opportunity and enable the smooth integration of the machine into our work and life.

Digitalization as a constant Companion 

We are only at the beginning of a whole new era with the spread of digital media and technologies. Today, the network society of tomorrow receives its basic features. The more companies respond to the trend now, the more they will benefit from it in the future.

Despite all the opportunities, the development of the network society means changing the conditions for business and personal success and demands new skills from both individuals and organisations.

A comprehensive, holistic understanding of digital transformation is essential in order to cope with and participate in this transformation.

That’s why DeepSkills are needed to survive and convince in the megatrend of connectivity. These include, for example:

Communicating effectively …

… means becoming aware of the role and importance of one’s own person as well as of what is said and serves clear and targeted communication at all levels – even in times of hybrid working.

Acting empathetically …

… describes the ability to put oneself inside one´s collegues, to act with consideration for feelings & needs, to create an atmosphere of respect – all in all, to create a pleasant working environment.

Many other emotional skills are useful here. In order to remain connected even in uncertain and transformative times and to strengthen close human relationships, for example, we must be open to a shift. Professional and personal success will increasingly depend on humanity, empathy and trust. Therefore, it is important to train these skills sustainably. This requires sufficient time, sensible routines and regular learning impulses.

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