From Education Boom to Culture of Skills – Megatrend Knowledge Culture

The Zukunftsinstitut has defined 12 megatrends that serve as a model for the transformation of our world. Megatrends influence our society, institutions, companies and individuals and therefore serve as the basis for important decisions in business, politics and on a personal level.

In this blog post we talk about the megatrend of Knowledge Culture. This megatrend deals with how our knowledge and how we deal with information has changed over time and will continue to change. Our education is becoming increasingly digital, decentralized and cooperative structures for knowledge generation are expanding, an increasing network of education and unforeseen challenges on the labour market are steadily increasing – our knowledge about knowledge is constantly growing. These developments require a new focus on new methods and competencies, towards the prioritization of soft skills.

The following four future theses are part of the megatrend Knowledge Culture, which confirm the relevance of our evolving knowledge culture:

Lifelong Learning

To be able to get used to new situations again and again, lifelong or transformative learning is needed: Dealing with complexity, uncertainty and crises becomes a skill for the future.

Free Creativity & Open Knowledge

A new understanding of creativity and playfulness enables innovation and better results in companies and schools.


The future of education without digitalization is unimaginable. Therefore we need access to digital devices and services and also the skills to use those – all of us.


Research takes on an ever-increasing importance in our society, which is why skills such as critical thinking and the correct handling of complexity are needed.

The megatrend Knowledge Culture and its theories for the future illustrate that emotional skills are our DeepSkills, which determine whether we are able to follow and shape this change constructively. The changes require a reflective handling of the means & information of knowledge dissemination and new skills to apply knowledge. Because knowledge is created slowly. By experience, by mistakes and by interacting with others and cannot simply be inserted by “copy – paste”.

It takes the right mindset and the right emotional skills to not only be able to rise to this megatrend as a company, but also to be able to successfully keep up with it.

Suitable DeepSkills for the megatrend knowledge culture are for example:

Changing Perspectives Flexibly …

… describes the ability to adapt to a dynamic environment using cognitive agility in order to find new solutions.

Learning Unlearning …

… means to let go of established ideas and ways of thinking and to develop new actions in order to adapt to changing conditions and to be ready for new experiences. Abandoning obsolete and ineffective practices and adopting new ones makes lifelong learning possible.

Many other emotional skills are useful here. In the first step, it is important to become aware of change and emerging megatrends and to be open to learning appropriate skills. Because in an uncertain, transformative (near and far) future, professional success and personal well-being depend on humanity, empathy and trust. But the development of strong and deep emotional skills in employees takes time. A lasting change in behaviour requires deep-rooted routines that can be consolidated with the help of regular learning impulses.

If you want to learn more about DeepSkills and tailor-made learning programs for your organization, talk to our People Development Manager Laura Kottwitz to identify the right DeepSkills for your organization. Book Demo Now 



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