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What Natalie Says About the DeepSkill Training at Badesofa

Natalie Steger is founder & CEO at Badesofa and spoke with DeepSkill CEO & co-founder Miriam Mertens about the framework and results of our workshop (video in German).
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Badesofa has been around since 2020, and in these four years we have seen steady growth – not only in the product range, but above all among our employees. And since we are a very heterogeneous team and almost 50% of our employees work part-time, it is difficult for us to communicate with each other and to build a deeper connection. That’s why we said we wanted to work on it and find out: What are the pain points in the team? What can we as a company do for our employees? The question then was what we could use for training content that would allow us to meet each other on a new deep level.
Due to the fact that we have not been around for so long, we were not so experienced in terms of coaching and training and could not yet offer our employees so much here. We were faced with a huge range of coaches, trainings, companies. On the one hand, the personal recommendation for you helped us a lot here. Secondly, we were convinced that we had been very open and very broad in our first discussion and that together we were able to develop a concept that was perfectly tailored to our needs and to our company.
We had a super nice time and could take a lot of time to get to know each other. In the workshop we looked at: What are the things in the workflow that are not going so well yet? Where can communication be improved? What are the strengths of each individual? We worked these out so that we could give each other a 365 degree feedback, and we could express out the value we feel for each other. For example, we used a tool, the hot shower, where we wrote down what we appreciate about each other. Everyone then went home with this envelope. That was so nice because those warm words really had a lasting effect. The employees have always said, ‘sometimes when I’m not feeling so well, I just look in there again and then I remember why I’m working for Badesofa’. This is, of course, one of the nicest compliments you can get: that there is such an emotional bond with the company.

There are really accurate measures. As a start-up, for example, it was repeatedly criticised that we lacked structure, we lacked discipline. These are things that we have written down and hung up visibly for everyone. We then remind each other before we go to meetings or something like that. So we just got a different awareness of the things that aren’t going perfectly yet. And because we worked it out together as a team, it is not blaming one another, but rather a collaborative effort. And we’re always on it. It is clear to us that we want to do something like this every year now. It was super helpful for the team spirit and the work motivation.

About Badesofa

Badesofa was founded in 2020 and since then provides little islands of relaxation in the stressful everyday life, for an overall better quality of life. Badesofa is now evolving from a one-product company to a wellness brand, which its customers can experience through many new products. And not only in Germany, but internationally as well.

With DeepSkill, Badesofa succeeds with a low-threshold solution in personnel development to allow the team to grow together and also to improve the operational day-to-day work.
Cologne, Germany
„What convinced us at DeepSkill was that we were very open in our first conversation and together we developed a concept that was tailored to our needs as a company. We had a great time as a team. In our workshop, we worked out pain points in everyday work and in our communication, and also got to know each other on a deeper level and shared appreciation for each other. The workshop with DeepSkill and spending time together has significantly increased our team spirit and thus our work motivation. We know that we are going to repeat this every year.“
– Natalie Steger, Founder & CEO, Badesofa

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