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Discover organizational development topics with DeepSkill and create a homogeneous understanding of leadership.

About Encavis

Encavis AG is a rapidly growing producer of electricity from renewable energies listed on the MDAX of the German Stock Exchange. As one of the leading independent power producers, Encavis acquires and operates solar and wind farms in many European countries.

With DeepSkill, Encavis succeeds in uncovering organizational development issues and in collaboration with optimally matched coaches to create the basis for a homogeneous understanding of leadership.
Renewable energy
Hamburg, Germany

The Challenge

Encavis faces the challenge of identifying organizational development issues that have arisen from the strong growth and the creation of many new structures. How can junior executives be best prepared for their leadership role?

Strong Growth

As a high-growth company in the field of renewable energies, Encavis is facing high demand and strong growth. The result: high complexity. Many new organizational development topics arise, which need to be identified and addressed. What is the best way to do this?

New Structures

Strong growth opens up many new opportunities. At the same time, new structures are emerging that bring with them many new challenges. How can Encavis succeed in implementing a uniform understanding of leadership among its junior managers within these structures?

Knowledge Building

Young managers must first acquire a sound knowledge of contemporary and effective leadership. The new structures often lack guidance. How can knowledge be imparted sustainably and convincingly and self-confidence as a leader be strengthened?

The DeepSkill Solution

In our analysis for Encavis, we have identified organizational development issues and developed and implemented a suitable high-potential program to lay the foundation for a homogeneous understanding of leadership.


The foundation for a successful collaboration is laid right from the start. Due to a high level of reflection on the part of the personnel development team at Encavis and the analytical know-how at DeepSkill, critical organizational development topics can be identified and addressed.

Peer Practice

Experienced coaches create a space of trust in the peer practice and initiate constructive feedback rounds. Through the intensive involvement of all parties, the basis for the development of a homogeneous understanding of leadership is developed.

Coach Matching

An intelligent coach matching algorithm assigns each learner the most suitable coach. As an experienced management professional, the coach conveys topics such as effective communication and builds the necessary confidence for the personal development of his coachee as a leader.

Results of the Programme

In close cooperation with the client, we were able to identify decisive organizational development goals, achieve a strong daily transfer of what we learned and advance the individual development of the young managers.


The professional collaboration led to a high level of openness on the part of the Encavis HR team. This allowed us to uncover many important organizational development topics and lay the foundation for mastering the strong growth of the company.

Strong Day-to-Day

Through the group coaching, the participants received not only theoretical knowledge, but also a lot of application-related content for their daily work. Constructive feedback rounds ensured an intensive day-to-day transfer and developed awareness for a homogeneous understanding of leadership.


The company-specific selection of coaches as well as the matching between coaches and junior managers ensured a very high level of coaching satisfaction among the participants. In this way, individual leadership topics could be advanced without losing sight of the big picture.

“DeepSkill’s customized development programs seamlessly adapt to the specific requirements as one of the largest independent renewable energy producers in Europe. DeepSkill is not only a valuable sparring partner in emotional intelligence but also understands our needs on an equal footing. DeepSkill’s prompt responsiveness to our inputs enhances the quality of our partnership. We look forward to our further collaboration!”

– Elena Rollmann, HR Business Partner, Encavis AG

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