Leadership Pilot Program

Get strong leadership impulses with DeepSkill and use people-centred leadership as a lever for employee loyalty.

About vanWylick

Fruchtimport vanWylick GmbH is one of the leading wholesale companies in the German fruit market. With state-of-the-art technologies, a mature distribution network and more than 500 employees in sales, maturing, warehousing, logistics and quality management, they supply their customers with the best fruit and vegetables.

With DeepSkill, vanWylick succeeds in identifying suitable leadership skills, developing a homogeneous, people-centred understanding of leadership and using leadership as a lever for employee loyalty.
Wholesale of foodstuffs

Düsseldorf, Germany


The Challenge

VanWylick is faced with the challenge of establishing a uniform management culture that reaches its heterogeneous workforce and counteracting the industry-standard employee turnover. How can they identify and learn leadership skills that are appropriate for the company and its specific challenges?


Diversity is a great opportunity. But also a great challenge in leadership. With more than 500 employees in sales, maturing, warehousing, logistics and quality management, strong management guidelines are required. How can the leadership skills and learning paths be identified that suit vanWylick?

Progressive Understanding
of Leadership

VanWylick wants to further develop its leadership and corporate culture, using the latest insights and methods. Knowing the right skills is one thing. But how does the company find the optimal HR development format for a sustainable implementation of new leadership skills?

Experienced Top
Coaches Wanted

The fruit import industry suffers from a shortage of skilled workers and employee turnover. If growth pains are added, as with vanWylick, a strong personnel development with top coaches and modern formats is required. How can be found the right and best coaches here?

The DeepSkill Solution

We provide participants with our comprehensive skill model, which allows them to test different skills in the group. Afterwards, participants benefit from our coach matching and learn modern leadership skills via our digital format mix.

Testing Suitable
Leadership Skills

The optimal learning program cannot always be planned on the flipchart. We enable vanWylick executives to test different skills in a pilot program in order to learn about different options in the further development of the management culture and to develop a better feeling for the appropriate learning path.


A modern leadership culture that meets the demands of the new world of work requires innovative personnel development solutions. By using smart digital tools, we offer vanWylick an optimal format mix of individual and group coaching as well as live training, thus ensuring the sustainable implementation of new leadership skills.


DAn intelligent coach matching algorithm assigns the right coaches to the participants. As experienced management professionals, they impart suitable leadership skills such as the development of a positive corporate culture, stress management and effective delegation.

Results of the Program

By testing different skills, the participants learned which leadership skills are suitable for them and developed leadership guidelines based on them. A strong mix of formats with suitable top coaches enabled the direct application of what was learned and the use of leadership as a lever for employee loyalty.

Appropriate Management Guidelines

By testing different skills within our skill model, the participating executives were able to gain clarity about what skills are needed to further develop a leadership culture at vanWylick. Based on this, strong leadership guidelines for a heterogeneous workforce were developed.

Strengthening the
Corporate Culture

By using our digital format mix with seamless user experience, participants were able to quickly and easily integrate their coaching and training into their daily management routine and ensure a daily transfer of what they learned. The result: a uniform understanding of leadership and a strengthening of the positive corporate culture.

Lever for
Employee Loyalty

Thanks to the high quality of our coaches, the participants were able to learn not only people-centred leadership skills. Through repeated reflections in the coaching sessions, it was also possible to develop their effect. As a result, higher employee loyalty and increased employee satisfaction were achieved.

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