This is what the Future looks like – the Megatrends of Tomorrow’s World

Since time immemorial, humanity has undergone profound change – again and again. This change, the further development of humanity and the adaptation to our environment often mean radical changes – a new world for us in which people must find their way. This profound change, which completely changes our world as we know it, often comes as no surprise. The Zukunftsinstitut describes these phenomena as megatrends or avalanches in slow motion. Although megatrends develop slowly, they are enormously powerful and influential. Using megatrends, researchers of the Zukunftsinstitut try to make the changes tangible and visible, and to predict their magnitude and consequences.

Megatrends differ from time-bound trends or hypes that only affect our lives in the short term because they:

– are multidimensional

– have simultaneous influence on many areas of society

– have a rapid global impact

– have a long-term effect

Megatrends influence society, institutions, companies and individuals.

They therefore also serve as a basis for important decisions in business, politics and on a personal level. In total, futures research has identified 12 megatrends. These megatrends change or explain the changes in our world economically, socially and technologically.

In order for us as a society to be able to deal with megatrends such as connectivity, neo-ecology or new work, we need the right “soft” skills, or rather DeepSkills. Skills such as flexibly changing perspectives, acting empathically or communicating effectively have always been important, but in the near future we will increasingly need these skills in order to cope with change, disruption, crises and other new realities brought about by megatrends.

This is the beginning of an eight-part series in which we discuss targeted megatrends and which DeepSkills are relevant for dealing with them in order to be able to actively follow and shape the changes of our time.

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