Leadership Onboarding

Enable optimal Development from skilled Employee to Manager with DeepSkill.

The Challenge

75% of all Junior Managers feel overworked in their first two Years of Leadership.

Young managers are often highly motivated, but not optimally prepared for their first leadership role. The transition from a skilled employee to a manager, in particular, presents many significant challenges: Instead of shining as the best in the field, as before, it is suddenly necessary to delegate. In addition, there is often still a lack of clarity about one’s position.


Junior executives are often not yet fully aware of their profile. Suppose there is a lack of clarity concerning one’s strengths and values. In that case, the potential leadership strengths cannot correctly unfold.

No uniform

In the absence of a unified leadership model, this leads to uncertainty and a 4x higher churn rate. Often, leaders are unaware of their leadership style, and no clear line pays uniformly to the organizational goals.

Overstrain with Leadership Tasks

Often, the strongest employees become managers. They are accustomed to powering themselves professionally. Suddenly, they have to empower others. This change of role often leads to excessive demands.

The DeepSkill Solution

Optimal Development from skilled Employee to Manager using emotional Skills.

We support young managers in their role transition by training them in emotional skills. These include essential skills in relationship-building and communication. We find the optimal skill composition for your young leaders and teach them in the format mix that suits you best. We particularly recommend the following modules and skills.

Leaving a lasting

Only those who know their position can also show others the way. And only those who are aware of their values can live them authentically. By training these skills, the new leaders are empowered to give their teams the leadership clarity they need.

Confidence in
Leadership Skills

Confidence in one’s leadership skills is essential. I can also convey psychological security to my team if I am sure of myself. We also train empathic behavior and thus lay the foundation for modern leadership.

Challenge and encourage Employees

Strong talents are used to shining themselves in terms of content.
We, therefore, train junior managers to delegate effectively – instead of wanting to implement everything themselves. In addition, we teach them how to identify potential in employees and promote it in a targeted manner.

The Results

Those who invest in their Junior Managers benefit threefold.

The impact of customized junior leadership programs on business success is clear – in numbers. Your young leaders’ new skills, such as values-based leadership, psychological safety, and finding and nurturing potential, lead to higher team engagement, improved employee health, and increased productivity.

Team Engagement

Leaders who know and adhere to their values earn the team’s loyalty. Improved communication, strengthened relationship building, and higher levels of performance lead to higher overall team engagement.

Enhanced Employee Health

96% of employees believe that empathy is an important way to promote employee retention. And good leadership, in terms of empathy and clarity, has also been shown to increase employee health.

Increased Productivity

If positions can be filled internally, productivity in the team increases, as time-consuming onboarding is no longer necessary. In addition, team motivation rises, as the junior manager is already established in the team and has the appropriate leadership skills thanks to the training.

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