Leadership Transformation

Drive Change and achieve Transformation Goals with DeepSkill.

The Challenge

70% of all Transformation Projects fail due to emotional Factors.

Companies today are in a constant state of change. Suppose you want to be successful in times of turbo-digitization, climate crisis, and changing values. In that case, you have to be able to master transformation projects successfully and sustainably. However, these projects often fail due to a lack of transformation drivers in management or a blockade attitude in the workforce. And the most important factor in transformation is usually forgotten: people.

Lack of
Transformation Drivers

Constant change and an increasingly fast-paced working world require role models who serve as beacons and break new ground courageously and powerfully. If managers cannot drive change, it is doomed to failure.

Blockade Attitude
among the Workforce

46% of all middle managers have difficulty maintaining a sense of belonging. Especially in transformation projects, many feel left out and develop a blocking attitude toward change management measures.

Emotional Factors are underestimated

In change management projects, the latest tools are often introduced, for example, to master digital transformation. However, it is often forgotten to take the people and thus the employees as a whole along with them.

The DeepSkill Solution

Making the entire Workforce fit for Change with modern Leadership.

The successful completion of transformation projects requires, first and foremost, emotional skills. We train these skills, particularly in your managers, and develop your leaders into drivers of change who inspire and engage the entire workforce. We particularly recommend the following modules and skills.

Leadership in Times of Change

92% of executives believe that agile leadership is critical to business success. We train accordingly to develop an awareness of the need for transformation in oneself and one’s employees, to recognize the opportunities therein, and to see one’s responsibility for their implementation.

Developing a flexible Mindset

“We’ve always done it that way” is not an argument and blocks new solutions. We train your leaders to break down thinking patterns, change perspectives and establish a corresponding learning culture. This way, the mindset required for change is carried directly through your leaders into the team.

Inspire People and
engage them

Change starts in one’s mind, but it takes passion for driving it. That’s why we give your leaders tools to implement the transformation with their teams. These include, for example, the ability to convey meaning and inspire their team.

The Results

Successful Transformation through agile Leadership, a strong learning Culture,
and engaged Teams.

The impact of customized leadership transformation programs on business success is clear – in numbers. The new skills of your leaders, such as breaking down old thought patterns, changing perspectives, and the ability to communicate meaning, lead to increased profitability, faster exploitation of new business areas, and higher employee engagement.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Suppose agile leadership can be established as the basis for leadership in times of change and adapted to constantly growing circumstances. In that case, this not only improves the corporate culture. It also shows clearly to the outside world. If a company is agile, this has been proven to increase customer satisfaction.

37% higher Sales

Agile companies do not benefit from a more positive corporate culture. Agile organizations are better able to respond to new crises, exploit new business areas faster due to an agile workforce, and generate up to 37% higher revenue than companies without an agile mindset.

21% higher Profitability

Suppose the human factor is included, and the entire workforce is involved in transformation projects. In that case, this leads to higher employee engagement. Companies with engaged employees show 21% higher profitability compared to companies that do not include emotional factors.

Füge hier Kundenzitat von einem Kunden aus der Branche

„Beratung auf unserem Niveau ist eine sehr komplexe Aufgabe: Unsere Berater:innen müssen viele Stakeholder-Interessen berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig exzellente Self-Leadership-Qualitäten aufweisen. DeepSkill hat mit ihrem Leadership Programm uns dabei unterstützt, gezielt die Leadership-Qualität unserer Manager gezielt zu stärken und besser mit Komplexität umgehen.“

– Dr. Markus Anding, Gründer & Managing Director Excubate

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