Talent Management Program

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The Challenge

65% of all Talents think about quitting because of another Job Offer.

The war for talent is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. There are many reasons for this: demographic change, the shortage of skilled workers, and reduced employer attractiveness. If, in addition, the personal development that talents desire is lacking, fluctuation increases. Suppose the human factor is included, and the entire workforce is involved in transformation projects. In that case, this leads to higher employee engagement. Companies with engaged employees show 21% higher profitability compared to companies that do not include emotional factors.

Insufficient Development Opportunities

89% of all talents want development measures to help them advance personally and professionally. However, often there is a lack of suitable measures, and the specific potentials are not recognized or promoted.

Low Employer

Only one in seven employees is enthusiastic about their job. This is because there is often a lack of a positive corporate culture. Talents could be culture-shaping role models here, but this potential often remains untapped.

No Target-oriented Talent Development

Only 58% of all vacancies cannot be filled internally because talent development for them has not been driven. External recruiting is extremely expensive, and the lack of focus on talent development is particularly costly.

The DeepSkill Solution

Strong Talent Development through personal Growth and Emotional Skills

With DeepSkill, we are placing greater emphasis on the ability to manage oneself when it comes to talent development. Talents are prepared for the challenges of their everyday life with a tailored skill mix, and their productivity is increased. We particularly recommend the following modules and skills.

Increase Influence and Efficacy

We create profound development opportunities for your talents and support them in recognizing and using their potential. For example, we teach them how to build a strong presence and increase their self-efficacy. In this way, your talents not only learn how to take charge of their professional and private advancement and successfully drive it forward. We also increase employee motivation.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important prerequisites for positive and effective interaction. And it can be learned. We develop talents into role models and train them in effective communication, empathic action, and appreciative feedback, among other things. In this way, we strengthen a positive corporate culture from within.

Strengthen Self-Management Skills

Only those who manage themselves can successfully develop high-performing teams and master new challenges. Therefore, we train the ability to set and achieve goals and work in a time-optimized and productive manner. In this way, talents are optimally prepared for new challenges in the company.

The Results

Talent Development through Emotional Skills pays off.

The impact of customized talent development programs on business success is demonstrated – in numbers. The results, such as increased employee motivation, high emotional intelligence among managers, and high productivity, lead to increased stock returns, high job satisfaction, and higher profit margins.

4x higher Stock Return

Building self-efficacy and successful professional and personal advancement lead to higher employee motivation. Companies that have retained particularly motivated talent can demonstrate a higher return on equity than the competition.

Increased Job Satisfaction

75% of all talents who quit justify this with a lack of or negative corporate culture. A positive, appreciative culture, on the other hand, stops employee turnover and increases job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Reduced Recruiting Costs

Those who prepare their talents for new challenges can fill many positions internally. The average costs for external staffing, which are in the high 5-digit euro range, can be saved, and employee retention strengthened.

Füge hier Kundenzitat von einem Kunden aus der Branche

„Beratung auf unserem Niveau ist eine sehr komplexe Aufgabe: Unsere Berater:innen müssen viele Stakeholder-Interessen berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig exzellente Self-Leadership-Qualitäten aufweisen. DeepSkill hat mit ihrem Leadership Programm uns dabei unterstützt, gezielt die Leadership-Qualität unserer Manager gezielt zu stärken und besser mit Komplexität umgehen.“

– Dr. Markus Anding, Gründer & Managing Director Excubate

With DeepSkill, we found a strong partner who was able to optimally complement our global human resources development program with tailor-made, digital training and achieve a sustainable impact. In doing so, DeepSkill not only met our demands for internationality, but was also able to respond to our wishes and suggestions with great ideas and flexibility.
– Doris Prokosch, Interim Director HR People and Organizational Development

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