Working Parents

DeepSkill enables work and family balance in demanding work environments.

The Challenge

25% of Working Parents actively consider dismissing a Job because of the perceived Incompatibility between Work and Family.

Ambitious employees and managers often feel exposed to great challenges and pressure after starting a family. Despite high ambitions, professional self-fulfilment often falls short in this phase. This leads to frustration among working parents and companies also suffer from a lack of diversity, declining innovative power and missed growth opportunities.

own Goals

The new phase of life demands a lot from working parents. They often face the problem of not having clearly defined and delimited personal goals and visions for themselves, or it seems impossible to combine them inbetween a responsible job and family. To at the same time pursue their daily lives satisfied and motivated seems out of reach.

Frustration and

In case of a lacking feeling of personal development and everyday life being predominantly determined by stress, an overstrain is quickly reached. Without a full focus on your career, you may also feel that you are not sufficiently appreciated and rewarded. Lack of self-confidence and disappointment usually result in poor performance and thoughts of dismissal.

Missed Growth

Yesterday, top manager –
today, parents on top. Not only the quality of work and productivity, but also the employee loyalty and health of working parents can suffer from imbalance. Companies losing their work force are less innovative and miss out on
growth opportunities.

The DeepSkill Solution

Combining professional Success and Parenthood with Self-Confidence in your own Abilities.

Our program helps working parents balance career and family and work more productively. We train emotional skills such as determining their personal location, self-management and effective communication. Through DeepSkill, participants learn to define their values and goals and improve their time management. We support you in establishing routines, setting boundaries and strengthening relationships.

Knowing Your
own Position

Knowing and cultivating your
own values can take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Working parents learn to plan and pursue their goals better. Clarity also means setting realistic expectations according to
skills and resources. In this way, progress can be recognized and celebrated.


Through productive and time-optimized work, one´s own self-efficacy is rediscovered. All the important tasks of everyday life find their time, so that goals can be achieved more effectively and faster. Continued motivation and the ability to cope with challenges are essential for a fulfilling and successful life.


Effective communication helps working parents to communicate their concerns and needs clearly and to avoid misunderstandings. This reduces stress and other burdens and contributes to the development of positive profess-ional and personal relationships. Good communication promotes commitment and motivation.

The Results

Those who invest in their Working Parents invest in the Future.

The impact of work-life balance on entrepreneurial success is clear. The new abilities of your working parents such as awareness of their own standpoint, perseverance and effective communication lead to more serenity, higher employee loyalty, and increased productivity.

and Inspiration

Living according to your own values and goals makes it possible to combine a fulfilling job with your family. Working parents experience clarity for their professional development. They gain new courage and confidence in their ownabilities. This creates the freedom to implement plans with energy and strength.

Increased Employer's Attractiveness

Companies that promote the reconciliation of work and family life show that they have an eye
on the well-being of their employees and take care of their needs. Working parents experience self-efficacy and feel valued and supported. Highly qualified workers come and stay on board.

Improved Performance
and Productivity

Diverse companies are 21 %
more likely to be more success-ful than average. Motivation and job satisfaction lead to more productive work, higher performance and more growth. Stress reduction is also health-promoting and helps employees remain productive in the long term.

Reconciling professional ambitions and family life is a matter of attitude, clarity and self-confidence.
And all of this is developable!
– Anita, Lead Coach CreateYourPath, Leadership and Reconciliation Coach

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