Joining as Coach

Join DeepSkill as a Coach.
And Revolutionize the Business World.

Apply to be part of DeepSkill’s coaching team and work with a wide variety of people in exciting companies. From startup teams to professionals in medium-sized businesses to managers in large corporations. Work remotely, time-flexible, and entirely digital. And help us make organizations more human, effective, and sustainable.

Digital Coaching with DeepSkill

We directly address the HR goals of companies. Or help to develop them. That’s why at DeepSkill you’ll be part of a customized HR development program and significantly contribute to leading major transformation projects to sustainable success through individual and group coaching.

Meaningful Work

You do valuable work and that’s exactly what you should focus on. We inspire new clients and coachees with our programs and put you to work where you can play to your strengths and best develop yourself.

With DeepSkill, you can save yourself the trouble of acquisition. We always offer you new exciting projects and coachees.

With DeepSkill, you help organizations become more human, effective, and sustainable in these uncertain times.

With DeepSkill, you, too, will evolve and encounter diverse challenges across all industries.

Full Flexibility

You don’t have to travel across the country or halfway around the world to coach exciting companies and people. We work with digital tools that allow you to work from anywhere. And save an enormous amount of admin time in the process.

With DeepSkill, you work when it suits you and you provide the slots and your coachees book via our calendar tool.

With DeepSkill, you can work from anywhere. We provide digital tools, you check in online.

With DeepSkill, you save admin time. Thanks to digital tools and partially automated processes like appointment bookings and invoicing.

Your Attributes


You have a certificate from a major German or European coaching association.


You have many years of coaching experience (at least 500 hours) and business experience as a manager, executive, or consultant.


You have distinctive expertise in a specific industry or area of expertise.


You want to make a difference and help make organizations more human, productive, and sustainable.

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