Successful against Uncertainty and Ambiguity – Megatrend Security

The Zukunftsinstitut has defined 12 megatrends that serve as a model for the transformation of our world. Megatrends influence our society, institutions, companies and individuals and therefore serve as the basis for important decisions in business, politics and on a personal level.

In this blog post we talk about the megatrend Security. This megatrend deals with how paradoxical development dynamics work in our modern world. As we are objectively living in one of the safest times of all, our sense of danger and risk, ambiguity and uncertainty increases. We discuss what security means, who is responsible for it and how we can become more resilient.

The following 4 future theses are part of the megatrend Security:

Security as a Process 

Danger and risk change as constantly as our world is complex. Therefore, security always exists only occasionally or in phases and must be understood as a process rather than as an end state.

Resilience through a Systemic Mindset 

Organizations rethink security as a complex system and structure of operation. The idea of resilience outperforms the idea of efficiency and agile flexibility is redefined in the name of security.

Uncertainty as a Chance 

Changes that we can influence require the special competence to deal with uncertainty and to be able to actively manage risks and disruptions. Shaping these processes makes change an opportunity.

Security through Trust Technology 

Transparent, controllable technology helps us to be safe. New security solutions are required that can be adapted and deployed as required.

The megatrend Security and its future theses illustrate that security is a basic need, can be overcome with the help of new systemic approaches, structures and technology, and can even grow into an opportunity.

To be able to cope with and shape this change constructively, it is necessary, among other things, to develop emotional skills – DeepSkills.

For companies, the creation of appropriate structures is of enormous importance. Suitable DeepSkills for the megatrend security are for example:

Providing Psychological Security…

… includes the ability to create a safe, trusting, supportive and creative working environment – enabling all employees to reach their full potential.

Overcoming Ambiguity …

… means being able to deal with unpredictability, ambiguity and uncertainty in order to be able to cope with constant change.

Many other emotional skills are useful here. To feel secure in spite of all the perceived resistance and turbulence – with ourselves and in the community – is what we can achieve: by relying on a broad set of human emotional abilities that allow us to overcome or even use such insecurities. Emotional skills lead us to personal strength and enable us as a team to solve common tasks. Through long-term learning, new paths can be discovered and shaped.

If you want to learn more about DeepSkills and tailor-made learning programs for your organization, talk to our People Development Manager Laura Kottwitz to identify the right DeepSkills for your organization. Book demo now



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