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With our platform, we create an all-in-one solution for developing your
company’s talents and young leaders. Our learning programs train your employees in real future skills. By using smart & digital technology, Deep Growth becomes as easy as ever.

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Components of DeepSkill's Programm Configuration

Your Key to Deep Growth

Emotional skills are becoming more and more relevant for companies. Our learning programs address these needs and train your employees in key skills such as empathy, resilience and communication. By using smart & digital technology, Deep Growth becomes as easy as ever.

No matter which phase you are in, which target group, problems and goals you have – by targeted tailoring of our programs we will find the right solution for your situation.

Your all-in-one learning platform

Growth Hub

For in-depth personnel development.
Our digital platform offers the right infrastructure for sustainable growth and is the cornerstone of our programs. It is the place for HR to configure their ideal program and for our learners to go through their individual learning paths.

Manage your programs with our

Growth Kit

Our intelligent HR suite is the interface to all DeepSkill services and benefits related to the program. From configurating your program to managing and adjusting it in between.
  • Target group-specific needs analysis
  • Tailor-made programming
  • Program management with appointment coordination
  • Reports on learning progress
  • Flexible module booking and debiting
  • Individual customer support
  • Adaptation of the learning path

We offer further features depending on your individual situation. Discover your possibilities!

Step into sustainable transformation with

Tailor-made Learning Programs

Content adapted to you and your goals in a hybrid format mix.
With DeepSkill, you get everything at hand to ensure the learning success of your employees. All programs run smoothly via our Growth Hub and are accompanied by qualified and experienced top coaches.

In the module learners can expect:
Discover more about our customized program compositions tailored to your specific use case during a demo appointment.

Learner Voices

Average Learner's Rating

Customer Voices

Curious to explore our Growth Hub for your Organization?

Good Students have many Questions.


Glad you made it this far. We have summarized the most frequently asked
DeepSkill for you. Your question was not included? Then contact us
contact us directly!

We have developed a learning and coaching platform that features programs customized for our customers. This can be easily accessed via the browser. Participants are provided with the URL and then can log in anytime.

With us, the programs are modular. In concrete terms, this means that a program consists of various topics that are divided into modules. The module content is based on the configuration, which in turn is based on the results of the needs analysis. Each program is tailored to a specific transformation goal of the respective organization and teaches the emotional skills necessary to achieve this goal. In general, a program usually lasts between 3, 6 or 12 months. This period of time is necessary in order to absorb what has been learned, implement it in everyday work, reflect on oneself and to consolidate the newly learned behaviors.

Usually, a module consists of
  • a preparation phase, in which the participants get to start with the respective topic area by means of exercises,
  • live training sessions, in which the lead-coach of the module presents the most important content,
  • peer practice consisting of smaller groups of participants,
  • a follow-up phase with in-depth exercises on the content, as well as
  • further bonus material and
  • one-on-one coaching sessions, in which the participant has one-on-one conversations with their individual coach.
DeepSkill offers a unique mix of e-learning and coaching. This includes an optimal interlocking of different learning elements and methods. In concrete terms, this means a smart combination of e-learning units, small coaching nuggets, live training sessions for knowledge transfer, peer practice as a style of collegial case work, individual one-on-one coaching sessions, impulse sessions and further materials. This combination allows for an intensive learning and coaching experience in which the participant experiences the maximum benefit for improving their existing skills in achieving organizational transformation goals.
At the beginning of the program, each participant books their one-on-one coaching appointments quickly and easily directly through our platform. With us, all sessions take place online via a video conferencing tool. One-on-one coaching is a very intimate and personal space and therefore only takes place in an intimate atmosphere between coach and participant. The participant has the opportunity to discuss his or her personal issues and difficult situations from everyday work or to reflect on exercises that have been carried out. This always takes place with regard to the previously defined entrepreneurial challenge, which is to be mastered together. In order to ensure an optimal fit between coach and participant, each participant undergoes a brief assessment of his or her personal preferences, key topics and other questions before the program begins. Based on these results, a smart algorithm is used to assign the individual coach. By the way, all our DeepSkill coaches go through an intensive onboarding process. We place special emphasis on certifications, focus topics and coaching style. Only when all our criteria are met is the coach accepted into our DeepSkill coach pool.

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