Holistically healthy: from Mindfulness to Mental Health – Megatrend Health

The Zukunftsinstitut has defined 12 megatrends that serve as a model for the transformation of our world. Megatrends influence our society, institutions, companies and individuals and therefore serve as the basis for important decisions in business, politics and on a personal level.

In this blog post we talk about the megatrend Health. This megatrend deals with how health is spreading and becoming a priority in all areas of our lives. Quality of life has become the primary objective. Health therefore encompasses more than “just” the obvious and superficial physical integrity. The modes of action and symptoms in the body are complex. Behavioural patterns, lifestyles, habits, social inclusion, work environment and environment also influence.

Part of the megatrend health are the following 3 future theses:

Our Health Competence is as High as Never Before

A healthy life is a lifestyle, a decision of self-optimization and a matter of mindfulness. We have access to a wealth of information and are constantly developing our personal understanding of health. It is important for companies to implement these requirements.

FemTech Against the Gender Bias in Medicine 

Doctors increasingly pay attention to the gender of patients in prevention, diagnostics and therapy, in order to be able to treat people optimally and individually.

Health as an Holistic Approach 

The view is widening: there is no longer a clear boundary between the environment and the body. The complex interaction between humans and the environment is gaining attention.

The megatrend health and its future theses illustrate that the subject of health is a scientific but also very emotional one. The targeted development of emotional skills – DeepSkills – is therefore necessary in order to be able to support and shape sustainable change constructively. What we therefore need is the right mindset and the right skills – also as a company.

Holistic health at the workplace is not only important for the overall success of a company, but also a significant success factor in the War for Talents and further transformations in the course of megatrends.

Suitable DeepSkills for the megatrend health are for example:

Regulating Emotions … 

… means to understand and regulate one’s own emotions and to use them personally for one’s own benefit – so that one can act confidently when faced with changes and challenges.

Managing Stress …

… means to be aware of one’s own stressors and to establish individual stress management strategies in order to reduce stress in the long term and to support mental health significantly.

Many other emotional skills are useful here. For our holistic health, it is important to consider new health factors beyond traditional aspects. If we are aware of a change in the first step, we can respond specifically to these new factors in the second step. To do this, we need to be open to new abilities that see and support people as a whole and as part of their environment. Personal well-being will increasingly depend on humanity, empathy and trust. If these emotional skills are promoted, we can grow with megatrends like health.

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