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The world is changing. Challenges such as turbo-digitization, climate crises, and pandemics can no longer be met with technical skills alone. Emotional skills such as flexible problem solving and resilience will be crucial in the future. With DeepSkill, we enable all employees in companies to develop these skills. 

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Miriam Mertens & Peter Goeke, Founder Team

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Schools, training centers, and universities teach almost exclusively technical skills. Yet studies show that emotional skills are equally important for professional success.  

DeepSkill co-founder Miriam also experienced this during her career as a VP at a tech company. The few projects where managers relied on emotional skills like building trust between teams were usually the most successful. So why not bring these so-called Deep Skills to the broader workforce? 

An idea for which DeepSkill co-founder Peter was also immediately on fire. As a former chart-topper and copywriter, he had always relied on the profound power of emotions and quickly recognized the potential of these skills for business professionals and executives.  

Together they developed the idea into DeepSkill, the digital learning and coaching platform for targeted employee development.

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The Cologne-based ed-tech start-up DeepSkill looks forward to pre-seed financing amounting to a seven-figure sum. Among others, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Kienbaum believe in the start-up’s idea. Read more



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High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)

Cologne-based EdTech start-up DeepSkill receives seven-figure pre-seed financing, including from High-Tech Gründerfonds and Kienbaum. Read more

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