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About Barnes

Barnes Group Inc. develops technologies to change the world. Leveraging world-class manufacturing capabilities and market-leading engineering, the company develops automation solutions and applied technologies for industries ranging from medical to mobility to aerospace.

With DeepSkill, Barnes is able to establish a consistent leadership culture across complex structures and embed skills such as resilience and psychological safety in their next generation of leaders.

Industrial sector


Bristol, Connecticut, USA


The Challenge

Barnes faces the challenge of changing and homogenizing different companies and leadership styles in evolved structures. And all this with limited resources in the HR department. How can new emotional skills be brought to the breadth of the workforce in this complex structure?

Complex Structures

Barnes unites different companies and leadership cultures. Homogenizing these in the sense of a human-centric management culture is an enormous challenge. Moreover, it is difficult to reach the broad employee base across these structures.

Multiple Challenges

The large number of affiliated companies and management cultures also means a wide range of challenges in personnel development. Meeting these with the necessary focus is not always easy. How can the associated complexity in management development nevertheless be mastered?

Openness requires trust

In the newly mixed structures at Barnes, psychological security in the teams is all the more necessary. This is the basis for a strong, open corporate culture in which all employees can contribute and innovation can increase.
How can this security be built up?

The DeepSkill Solution

We developed and executed a customized next-generation leadership program for Barnes to implement a human-centric corporate culture based on the bottom-up approach.

Digital User-Journey

We reach all employees across complex structures via our innovative learning platform. The unique mix of e-learning, training, peer practice and individual coaching enables us to reach a large number of specialists and managers cost-effectively – and to train them uniformly in a seamless, completely digital user journey.

All-in-One Solution

From needs analysis and program configuration to program implementation and evaluation, DeepSkill is a one-stop solution. This allows Barnes to implement a customized, cross-company program, including reporting and performance measurement, despite the diverse challenges.

Experienced Experts

A lack of psychological security is best countered with experienced experts and high-quality content. Through the optimally combined mix of e-learning and top coaching, we are able to train junior managers at Barnes at the highest level and thus provide them with the necessary psychological security.

Results of the Program

We were able to achieve a high participation rate and program satisfaction, and through the lean, digital processes on our learning platform, we were able to successfully train our target group across the complex corporate structures as well as increase employee satisfaction.

More than 90% Program Satisfaction

Training content can be as meaningful as it is – if it doesn’t reach the learner, it has no impact. Our simple, digital user journey and varied program design enabled us to achieve a high participation rate and program satisfaction.

Smooth Program Execution

Our needs analysis and algorithm-supported program configuration in advance enabled an optimal program start. Using our innovative learning platform as a central training location, we were also able to ensure a smooth learning process for all participants – creating the best conditions for sustainable change.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction

Our high-quality content and our management-experienced coaches ensured intensive knowledge transfer, especially on the topics of resilience and psychological safety. Over the course of the program, employee satisfaction increased significantly, as did the perception of greater consistency and clarity in leadership.

„Managementberatung auf unserem Niveau ist eine sehr herausfordernde Aufgabe: Unsere Berater:innen müssen inhaltlich und prozessual anspruchsvolle und immer wieder neue Aufgaben unter Zeitdruck lösen, Interessen unterschiedlichster Stakeholder empathisch berücksichtigen und gleichzeitig sich selbst und ihr Team effektiv und effizient führen. DeepSkill hat uns mit ihrem Leadership Programm dabei unterstützt, Führungsfähigkeiten, Stressresistenz und Selbstreflektion unseres Führungsteams gezielt zu stärken und besser und zufriedener mit der Komplexität unserer Aufgaben umgehen.“

– Dr. Markus Anding, Gründer & Managing Director Excubate

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