A leadership program for the middle management of Excubate.

Strong leadership and self-leadership in consulting

About Excubate

Excubate advises and accompanies companies in the digital transformation process in developing innovative and scalable business models from digital strategy to conception and implementation.

With DeepSkill, Excubate anchors emotional skills in the entire middle management and meets the specific challenges of this group in consulting with a customized executive program.



Cologne, Germany


The challenge

In management consultancies, complex issues are dealt with under high time pressure. The aim is to be more productive than average while at the same time maintaining emotional stability. This is a great challenge, especially for middle management, in times of change.

Mastering high productivity & complexity

Dealing with complex issues and the high expectation of productivity and speed characterize everyday work in consulting. This makes for a varied workday, but unfortunately, also for the risk of permanent overload.

Maintaining emotional stability

Due to the ever-changing work environment and the high degree of complex tasks, managers, in particular, must ensure that they can maintain emotional stability with the help of the right methods to strengthen their mental fitness.

Withstanding versatile pressure of expectations

It is a great challenge for managers to balance their various challenges. They must achieve management goals, respond to customer requirements, and devote sufficient time to employees and their questions.

The DeepSkill solution

We coordinated a customized coaching program for middle management based on a joint needs analysis. The best match between our DeepSkill Coaches and the coachee was identified as part of this. 

Pain Point

The program development starts with a needs assessment that allows for a program configuration perfectly aligned with the coaching goals. The result is the definition of the needed emotional skills for the coaching program.

Customized program

Based on the needs analysis findings, the customized coaching program is configured for the learning groups. The learning content of the coachees always pays directly into the entrepreneurial goal.

Coach Matching

From the DeepSkill pool of specialized coaches, our coach-matching algorithm was used to select the appropriate contacts to enable efficient and harmonious collaboration between coach and coachee.

Program results

With the leadership program’s help, the participants could identify personal development potential. In particular, they were able to address their individual difficulties in the individual coaching sessions and develop practical solutions in self-leadership, dealing with complexity, and building resilience.

Developing leadership through self-leadership

Excubates executives were able to enhance their leadership skills through our customized coaching. Through clear communication and more efficient use of their resources, the participants and the project team benefit from the results of our learning program.

Meeting complexity with emotional skills

The individualized learning program has enabled participants to break down the complexity of everyday leadership with the help of improved emotional skills. With the help of new methods, managers can better manage complex situations in their daily work.

Managing stress with resilience

Leaders’ increased understanding of their employees and deepening their emotional skills resulted in increased team engagement, reduced stress levels, and ultimately increased company productivity.

“Management consulting at our level is a very challenging task: Our consultants have to solve demanding and ever-changing tasks in terms of content and process under time pressure, empathetically take into account the interests of a wide range of stakeholders, and at the same time manage themselves and their team effectively and efficiently. DeepSkill has helped us with their leadership program to strengthen leadership skills, stress resistance, and self-reflection of our leadership team and better and more satisfactorily deal with the complexity of our tasks.”

– Dr. Markus Anding, Founder & Managing Director Excubate

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