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What David Says About the DeepSkill Program at Deutsche Telekom

David Schmidt is VP Partnering & Business Development at Deutsche Telekom and spoke with DeepSkill CEO & Co-Founder Miriam Mertens about the framework and results of our program

Note: The interview is in German, find the transcript of the video just right below.

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We were faced with the challenge of making a change in the project setup and thus also in the team setup. We have been looking for a way to accompany this change in the best possible way and have become aware of you. Our specific objective was above all targeted team building in the new setup. Secondly, we wanted to equip people in the program with future-oriented skills so that they could do their jobs better. And thirdly, we also wanted to give people recognition: by being part of a program that promotes and encourages them, to appreciate their past work and prepare them for the work ahead.

Essentially, it was about the employees moving from a more free setup, with more liberal roles, to roles with clearer scope and demands. To accompany this change and also to ensure the positivity of the employees, that was what we wanted to ensure.

DeepSkill has significant advantages for us in offering a customized solution, just for us. You first sat down with us to understand and work out what our challenges and goals are – where we ourselves were not so clear yet. And then your approach was to present targeted content in a mix of online and on-demand: because we wanted colleagues across different time zones participate, they could work at their own pace. In addition, you have brought people together again and again, either in a physical setup or a live setup. This perfect mix was the deciding factor for us to work with you.
Specifically, this was the positive feedback from colleagues, who said: “Hey, thank you for letting me be there. That brought me something.” And then again the positive feedback from our stakeholders, who said: “Hey, great, how quickly you put on the gas in this new setup, quickly adjusted to us, adjusted to your new task and delivered great results”
The personal contact is always the most beneficial part for me. You can read a lot online and that was also helpful. But then the discussion with a coach, who summarizes things, draws attention to things and then reflects in the team in order to bring in different points of view – that was the great added value for me to be able to learn from others through professional moderation.
As I said, one of our objectives at the beginning was the topic of team building. To bring people who were in different setup to a new setup. And I can clearly see now, either directly in the hallway or in email interaction as well, that people are much more self-confident, communicate more naturally with each other and help each other. So: objective achieved.
And I also had a lot of opportunity to reflect on myself during the training. And I notice that I have become more self-confident and more purposeful in certain subjects. Because I am able to use and apply things more consciously.

Quick Facts

Mithilfe des DeepSkill Trainingsprogramms wurden die Stärkung des Teams durch den Transformationsprozess hinweg, die Schulung
zukunftsorientierter Skills, sowie eine wertschätzende Weiterbildungsmaßnahme für die Mitarbeitenden angestrebt – und erreicht.

Die Herausforderung:

Transformation begleiten

Die Deutsche Telekom möchte ihr Team im Zuge von organisato- rischen Umbaumaßnahmen stärken und mit zukunftsgerichteten Skills fit für die neue Arbeitsumgebung machen. Ziel ist es, die Mitarbeitenden bei der Umstellung auf ein neues Projekt-Setup und damit auch ein neues Team-Setup bestmöglich zu begleiten und zusammenzubringen.

Die DeepSkill Lösung:

Individualisiertes & flexibles

Passgenaue Inhalte und Formate werden anhand der Heraus- forderungen und Zielsetzungen der Telekom konfiguriert. Der Mix aus Live- und On-Demand-Trainings, sowie flexiblem E-Learning ermöglicht individuelles Lernen. Durch die professionelle Moderation unserer Coaches kann das Team gemeinsam reflektieren, neue Sichtweisen erkennen, voneinander lernen und zusammenwachsen.

Die Resultate:

Starkes Team in
neuem Setup

Erfolge durch das Lernprogramm machen sich vor allem durch das positive Feedback der Teilnehmenden selbst, aber auch weiterer Stakeholder bemerkbar, welche die schnelle Umstellung und beste Ergebnisse loben. In der persönlichen Interaktion sind die Mitarbeitenden selbstbewusster, zielsicherer und stärker in der Kommunikation.

About Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom, headquartered in Bonn, is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies and ranked 41st on the Forbes list of the world’s largest listed companies. Today, Deutsche Telekom is evolving from a traditional telephone company to a completely new type of service company: the software company that sells telecommunications services.

With DeepSkill, Deutsche Telekom succeeds in implementing a low-threshold digital solution in HR development that brings together a broad group of executives from different time zones and work setups and accompanies the transformation.


Bonn, Germany
„DeepSkill has significant advantages for us in the fact that they offer us a customized solution: they have sat down with us and worked out what our challenges and objectives are, and then presented targeted content. The personal contact in the program is the most beneficial part for me. The guided discussion together with a coach who draws attention to things, summarizes them, and reflects in the team in order to bring in other points of view. That was the great added value for me: to learn from others in professional moderation. It’s also helped me personally.“
– David Schmidt, VP Partnering & Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

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