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About Volksbank Köln Bonn

Volksbank Köln Bonn eG is a cooperative bank based in Bonn. It is one of the largest Volksbanken in the Rhineland and ranks 29th among all German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken in terms of balance sheet total. Its business area covers the urban areas of Cologne and Bonn, as well as the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis – true to the motto “from Rhineland by heart”.

With DeepSkill, Volksbank Köln Bonn succeeds in implementing a low-threshold digital solution in human resources development, thereby reaching the broad workforce and making leadership the driver for profound change.
Financial Services
Bonn, Germany

The Challenge

Volksbank Köln Bonn is facing major challenges in the area of personnel restructuring and digital transformation in the banking sector. How can a new, fresh spirit be created that reaches the broad workforce and makes them fit for the digital transformation?

Harnessing Leadership Potential

In the course of the digital transformation, Volksbank Köln Bonn has identified potential in managerial development and wants to use it. The aim is to create a new spirit, which should also be supported by modern formats in personnel development. But how can this be achieved and which format is the right one?


Volksbank Köln Bonn has experienced managers who are experts in their field. However, in dynamic times of digital transformation, new, emotional skills are needed that have not been trained before. How can managers develop further in grown structures, become more flexible and carry a new spirit throughout the company?

Strategic Staff

The new requirements in the banking sector require a profound re-engineering of personnel. As a result, the tasks of employees are becoming more demanding and comprehensive – both in day-to-day operations and in management. How can Job Enrichment and Job Enlargement be implemented while maintaining a positive corporate culture?

The DeepSkill Solution

We develop a hybrid format mix and reach a broad workforce through our digital learning platform and the possibility of recurring programme runs. Through a suitable skill selection, we ensure that the transformation goals are achieved.

Hybrid Mix
of Formats

We bring our experience in human resources development work in the SaaS environment and develop a hybrid learning program that is characterized by an optimal format interlocking. The Cologne and Bonn locations are brought together through a mix of on-site sessions and digital peer coaching to create a unified leadership spirit.

Learning Platform

Through our learning platform and the possibility of recurring programme sessions, we ensure that we reach the broad range of employees. Through inspiring content, our top coaches and a professional program support in the background, we convey and anchor the newly created spirit throughout the company and network.

Matching of
Skills & Goals

We meet the increased demands of our employees with the training of emotional skills. It not only teaches the skills of flexible mindset and leadership in times of change that are necessary for digital transformation, but also psychological security and resilience. Always with a focus on achieving organizational goals.

Results of the Program

By employing a modern hybrid format mix and training appropriate skills such as “Flexible Mindset”, a new leadership spirit and openness to digital change have been created, and thanks to our digital platform and recurring programs, they have been carried to the broad workforce.

to Change

By using our innovative personnel development solution and suitable program content, a new leadership spirit was established. A modern, hybrid format mix and matching top coaches created an inspiring mood of departure among the participants, which stretches across the entire company and network.


Our extensive program reporting with its strong results resulted in the Volksbank Köln Bonn booking recurring program runs and thereby ensuring that the broad employee base was reached. The new spirit, affirming change, could be anchored and carried on across all management levels.

Staff Restructuring

The new skills acquired led the employees to be open to the digital transformation of the company. They also encouraged the employees to look positively to the future and not only to deal better with the changes already started, but also to actively participate in shaping them.
„With DeepSkill, we are breaking new ground in human resources development. DeepSkill convinces with modern content and contemporary digital methods. The professional coaching has given our executives important impulses for their daily work as well as the opportunity to deepen their existing knowledge. We received very positive feedback from the participants, who throughout felt appreciated. The friendly atmosphere and good support of the program also contributes to this. All in all, we are very satisfied with the entire service package that DeepSkill offers us as a competent partner. Through the development of our managers, we feel ready to tackle and master major transformation tasks.“

– Markus Frütel, Division Director Personnel & Communication Volksbank Köln Bonn

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