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Miriam Mertens as a Guest in the Saatkorn Podcast with Gero Hesse 

Our CEO & Co-Founder Miriam Mertens visited Gero Hesse – expert, consultant and blogger in the fields of Employer Branding, HR Marketing, Recruiting, Social Media and New Work – in the SAATKORN Podcast. Everything here revolves around innovations and ideas for a better working world.

That’s what this episode is all about:

The DeepSkill Founding Story

From top corporate career to a joint idea to her own EdTech start-up: Between great responsibility in the role of VP and family life, Miriam asked herself: “What matters, really?” In everyday work, she quickly notices: in addition to the technical, above all the human, emotional level. The few projects where managers relied on emotional skills such as building trust between teams were usually the most successful.

So why not bring these emotional, so-called deep skills to the broad workforce?

That’s what DeepSkill is passionate about now: intelligent programs for team development, leaders, experts and talents. Algorithm-based configuration gives HR developers individualized learning paths for each organization. The blendend learning programs equip specialists and managers in all relevant future skills, such as critical thinking, dealing with complexity or the ability to cooperate, in order to act in a future-proof manner on the market.

Human-Centricity as the Key to Economic Success

Miriam’s belief and the principle of DeepSkill: We are more economically successful if we act more emotionally intelligent – more self-reflective, more confident in dealing with emotions, better at building trusting relationships. Meeting each other as people is fundamentally important in every team and in every leadership and stakeholder relationship. Based on this follows the ability and advantage to prioritize things meaningfully, to set the focus correctly and to be able to achieve economic goals. The inevitable path to successful further development and sustainable transformation in times of multiple crises.

Training as a Service: DeepSkill as a Combination of Platform Business and Consultant

DeepSkill focuses on deep behavioral change through blended learning experiences in a multi-format mix. Existing learning formats are mixed and intelligently supplemented in the digital space. By means of individual coaching, e-learning and independent learning, as well as group formats led by accredited coaching and training experts, companies are provided with their ideal learning path.

Particularly important: the strategy and goal orientation of the training according to the corporate and personal objectives and backgrounds of the target group. From all data points collected through the prior analysis, training and learning progress of the participants exciting individual conclusions and recommendations for the company can be drawn. What needs to be improved further? Which needs arise in the organization and what solutions can be found here? What exactly can be adjusted during training?

The mix of tech-based analysis and customization of training makes DeepSkill a unique EdTech partner for modern HR and people development.

How Key Performance Indicators Evolve to “Key Behaviour Indicators” 

An example: The overall objective of the company may be to become more risk-oriented, i. e. to be able to take risks more confidently. How can DeepSkill help? We find out the reasons for the low willingness to take risks so far and which target group is affected. Equally important: What are specific corporate and management values and how can this goal be aligned with them? And then, what behaviours should ideally be reflected in the attained goal of risk-taking? These target behaviours are then taken into account in the design of the learning formats and content, and the appropriate program, including objectives and progress measurement, is compiled.

More about the topic of successful behavioral change can you find here in our free e-book (German):

People and Tech Are No Contrast, But a Real Dream Team

As Gero Hesse sums it up: In recent years, two extremes have emerged in the HR world. “Some people believe only in technology, in numbers, data, facts; and then there are the others with rose-coloured glasses in a world of purpose. And the truth, of course, lies in the middle. ”

Listen to the full podcast episode with Miriam! (German)



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