Sustainable Mindset Program

Thinking and Establishing Sustainability
Holistically with DeepSkill.

The Challenge

Closing Knowledge Gaps Between Sustainable Company Strategy and Workforce

Companies with a sustainable mindset are significantly more successful: according to a partner study with the University of St. Gallen, 30% of a company’s success is directly derivable from its values. Sustainability plays a crucial role in this – but only few companies use it. This is because, besides a mindset shift, employees often lack the necessary knowledge about the importance of sustainability for their own business model.

What does that have
to do with us?

„Light switch off“ and „waste separation“ is widely known. But what about ESG, CSRD, Scope 3, Net Zero or Green Deal? What is the „license to operate“? We clarify what this has to do with the company, why business models have to change and why this is relevant for everyone.

What do we
get from that?

Sustainable companies are more resilient and successful. They can develop unique selling points that count with customers, in the capital market and in recruiting. Sustainability is a lever for success. We show each individual how they can benefit concretely.

How can I get

Even though achievement of objectives is coordinated by a sustainability department – only the power of many can change organizations. This requires implementation competence with the right impulses from all areas. We encourage participation and provide the necessary tools.

The DeepSkill Solution

Knowledge Transfer and Emotional Skills for a Sustainable Mindset

We focus on education and self-management skills. In a workshop, we determine the degree of maturity in your company. Based on this, we develop individual content. Adapted to your culture and with over 50 international coaches for a successful implementation. The following modules and skills provide an insight.

Understanding sustainability as an opportunity

The EU, customers, society, investors and employees expect answers on the pressing issues of climate change. Companies which transform their current business model sustainably will play a leading role tomorrow. We show the dimensions and work out together what economic opportunities result from this.

Sustainable Mindset in der Kultur verankern

A consequent sustainability strategy needs the right mindset. Trust, diverse thinking and the ability to work across disciplines are essential prerequisites for successful transformation. With our formate we promote behavioral change through intensive exchange about the own positions.

Communication as a lever for sustainability success

Communication to the inside and outside makes change tangible. And concrete lighthouses make success visible. But what is appropriate and what is greenwashing? Who can or should report on sustainability on behalf of the company? We show how a sustainability strategy also becomes a sustainable communication strategy.

The Results

Breeding ground for a Sustainable Business Model

If your employees design change profoundly, sustainability can become a lever for market success. Besides stronger customer relationships and better risk management you will benefit from cost savings through more efficient usage of resources and energy. You will win on the job market, too, because younger generations want to work for companies which make a positive contribution.

3,1% more profit

A study by Accenture confirms that when innovation power meets a high degree of sustainability and trust in the company, companies make an average of 3. 1 percent more profit.

4x higher return on shares

Self-efficacy in a meaningful environment leads to higher employee motivation. Companies that retain highly motivated talents have a higher return on equity than their competitors.

Meeting customer targets

The demands of B2B and B2C customers are becoming more and more complex, but the products and brands are becoming more and more similar. Sustainability, when used correctly, is a crucial competitive advantage here.
With DeepSkill, we found a strong partner who was able to optimally complement our global HR development program with tailored digital training and achieve a sustainable impact. DeepSkill not only lived up to our demand for internationality, but was also able to respond to our wishes and suggestions with great ideas and flexibility.
– Doris Prokosch, Interim Director HR People and Organizational Development
“Beim Talent Management geht es darum, die richtigen Menschen mit den richtigen Skills zum richtigen Zeitpunkt an die richtige Position zu bringen. Das ist viel mehr als nur die aufstrebenden „Superstars“ zu identifizieren. Eine viel größere Herausforderung ist es, Kolleg:innen zu entwickeln und behalten, die in der gleichen Karrierestufe verbleiben, weil sie dort extrem wichtig und ihre Kompetenzen am besten platziert sind. Talent Management heißt also nicht nur, einzelne Menschen mit Talent zu finden, sondern die Talente in uns allen hervorzubringen und zu fördern.”

– Bo, Executive Coach & Leadership Expert

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