Target-oriented People Development.
For Sustainable Transformation Results.

DeepSkill is the EdTech-platform for digital people development. We combine e-learning and digital coaching in a seamless learner experience and create tailored learning programs, using a modular learning system and intelligent algorithms. Making the entire company more efficient, sustainable and human.

All time low since 2010:
Only 13% of employees experience a positively characterized work environment through leadership.
(Gallup 2022)

“83% of CEOs say the level of emotional skills in the workforce will determine transformation success in the coming years.” Capgemini Study, 2020

The world is changing. If you want to be successful in times of digitization, climate crisis and changing values, you have to invest in the emotional skills of your employees. You need to master the digital transformation, lead virtual teams, win the war for talent, stop employee turnover and make emotionally intelligent decisions.

We love People & Tech

DeepSkill is the EdTech platform for emotional skills and digital people development. We believe in the profound power of emotional skills. That’s why we help employees develop strong deep skills through personalized learning and coaching programs with precisely matched coaches, formats and content. Making the entire organization more human, efficient and sustainable.

Miriam Mertens & Peter Goeke

Founder Team DeepSkill GmbH

Your Platform For Customized Learning Programs

We lead you to success in three steps. We start by analyzing your requirements. Based on this, we configure suitable learning programs for your target groups. Then, we implement a successful program, taking place for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Requirement Analysis


Program Implementation

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Three Reasons for DeepSkill

On-site seminars, e-learning courses, and one-on-one coaching reach only a few employees, do not enable everyday transfer, or ignore transformation goals. Our integrated solution ensures holistic, future-proof HR-development that combines three critical success factors.

Targeted Development

Our learning programs are each tailored to a specific business challenge. We focus on entire target groups instead of developing individual employees.

Daily Action

Learned patterns are difficult to break. Smart reflection exercises as well as group and individual coaching sessions ensure that what has been learned manifests itself in the employees’ daily actions.

Entire Workforce

Deep transformation, strong employee retention, and sustainable workforce development require the participation of the entire organization. Our solution enables the involvement of the entire workforce.

Unique Mix of E-Learning and Coaching

Our learning programs include exercises, e-learning units and self-reflections, as well as intensive peer practice and individual coaching sessions. Using our coaching algorithm, each participant is assigned the coach who best suits him or her. This coach ensures the everyday transfer of what has been learned and acts as a sparring partner.

Our coaches are certified by one of the major German or European coaching associations and have industry-specific expertise and years of experience as managers, executives or consultants.

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